Denmead Striders Winter Schedule - 17/18

Winter training schedule 17-18

Winter training schedule 17-18 - Weds

Winter training schedule 17-18 - Mon

Winter Training Intro 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 winter schedule with the Denmead Striders. Both the sessions will start at the Waterlooville Swimming Pool, Waterberry Drive unless otherwise stated. The start time of the Monday session will be 18.30, the main club night session on Wednesday will start at 19.00.
The sessions will be a mixture of speed work, stamina and sustained running. The schedule can be used to supplement your winter training in preparation for a spring marathon, with this in mind the last 10 weeks of the Monday evening session will include longer distance repetitions. Numbers attending our Wednesday evening sessions has increased over the last 2-3 years and there is concern for safety running around the industrial estate, especially along the section that contains the entrances to the swimming pool and post office. The committee has decided to change our training venue to the Berewood Estate, which provides a safer environment to train. The club will still meet at the swimming pool and jog/run to Berewood as warm up routine. Other venues will also be investigated during the winter period.

  • Intervals/Speed Meeting Point = Waterlooville Swimming Pool.
  • Intervals/Speed Venue = Berewood Estate.
  • Hills = Arnside Road (Level 1) and Hurstville Drive (Level 2)
  • 5K Time Trial = Out and back to Portsmouth Plumbing Supplies, Purbrook.
    One of the unique aspects of the club is everyone trains together whatever your running experience. Whilst the schedule only shows a minimum and maximum number of repetitions, as a guideline the level groups are shown below.

Level 1: Beginner
Level 2: Intermediate
Level 3: Expeienced

The winter session includes two fitness benchmarks the time trial runs can be used to progressively measure your fitness as well as providing race practice. As the Mo Farah session was popular during the summer, I have included two of these sessions over the winter which can be used as points to measure your improvement. I have included an appendix with a table to enable you to monitor your progress. Also included is a guideline to the pyramid session on Monday.

Your body needs to train in order to become accustomed to the faster pace of speed work. Listen carefully to the coaches, run at the pace directed and take the full recovery specified. During the rest interval, it is important to keep moving to prevent muscles getting cold and causing injury.
For the winter sessions it is important to dress appropriately for the conditions, especially when the weather turns colder. Remember you can always take layers off if you get warm. Some sessions may have longer recovery periods, it may be necessary to put an extra layer on to keep warm whilst waiting for the next repetition.

During the darker evenings it also requested that members wear light coloured reflective clothing or a reflective vest during the session. No dark clothing please.

During the winter, weather conditions may force the coaches to adapt or change the session to suit. In some extreme cases it may be necessary to cancel the session completely at short notice as conditions maybe unsafe. Please respect the coaches’ decision to adapt or cancel a session it is done with your safety in mind. Any members who continue with a session after a notification of cancellation do so at their own risk and will not be insured under our England Athletics policy if a qualified coach/run leader is not present.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the winter schedule this year and we look forward to receiving any feedback you may have.

(Please download the attachment for some templates for you to print off and record your session times throughout the year.)


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