Denmead Striders Summer Schedule - 18

Summer Training Schedule 2018

Summer Training Schedule 2018 - Monday

Summer Training Schedule 2018 - Wednesday

Welcome to the 2018 summer schedule with the Denmead Striders. Both the sessions will start at Kidmore Lane car park in Denmead, unless otherwise stated. The start time of the Monday session will be 18.30, the main club night session on Wednesday will start at 19.00.

The sessions will be a mixture of speed work and sustained running with some new sessions as well. The objective of the 2018 summer schedule is to improve overall fitness enabling club members to maintain speed over distance.

During the summer we aim to train over a variety of surfaces on road, grass and woodland trails. If you are susceptible to insect bites remember to apply insect repellent beforehand.

The first handicap race of the season will be a naked scratch race. Don’t worry you don’t have to strip off your clothing before running, you just cannot wear a watch or any digital device which may help you with timing and pacing. On the evening each member will give their predicted time for the 5.4K route, the winner being the one closest to their predicted time. This time will then be used to calculate your handicap. It will not be a problem if you cannot make this first race, at the next handicap race just give your predicted time and the coach will slot you into a suitable starting time.

Once again, the session on 27/06/18 will be the Summer Cross Country organized by the Portsmouth Joggers. There will be no ‘Kidmore Lane session’ on this day.
The 2018 schedule also sees the return of the 10K endurance session, this will be run on the Denmead 10K route.
We cannot all run as fast as Mo Farah, but we can train like him and the session on 04/07/18 will allow members to do that by copying a Mo Farah interval training session. How will your times compare?

Mo Farah Time

1 Mile 00:03:55
1200 00:02:57
1000 00:02:27
800 00:01:57
600 00:01:20
400 00:00:50
200 00:00:25

Your body needs to train in order to become accustomed to the faster pace of speed work. Listen carefully to the coaches, run at the pace directed and take the full recovery specified. During the interval, it is important to keep moving to prevent muscles getting cold and causing injury.

During the warmer weather, it is essential to stay hydrated so you can train at your best, it is better to drink little and often during the day so you are well hydrated. It is also a good idea to bring some water along to the session so you can ‘top up’ during the rest interval.

As the weather can be changeable it is a good idea to bring along a lightweight long sleeve top as we can cool down very quickly after a session, especially at the start and end of the summer schedule. Also, as we approach the end of the schedule a reflective or light coloured top will be required.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the summer schedule this year and we look forward to receiving any feedback you may have.

(Please download the attachment for some templates for you to print off and record your session times throughout the year.)


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