This is a series of 5 events over a 5.436km course, open to all Club members, which take place at the Club sessions on Wednesday nights in the summer
months. You can find the dates in the summer training schedule.

The first event at the end of April is slightly different to the others as you have to predict your finish time and the male and female who predict the closest to their actual finishing time are the winners. This enables the organisers to work out everyone’s handicaps for the next event in the series in the fairest possible way. No watches must be worn at this first event.

At the next four events, runners are set off according to their speed i.e. the slowest runner goes first and the fastest starts last. Sometimes the difference in start times can be as much as 15 minutes. If the handicaps are correct, everyone should finish at the same time! The aim of these events is for everyone to run their best but anyone can win.

There are certificates for the winning male and female at each event. To qualify for the Series trophies, runners have to complete at least three of the five events and the scores from the best three events are used towards the final result. There are trophies for the first three men and first three ladies, which are presented at the Club’s annual award ceremony early the following year.

Handicap winners 2019


1 Rick Toovey
2 Del King
3 Stephen Allen


1 Tillie Johnston
2 Alison Greasley
3 Catherine Arnold

Final Results - Handicap 2019

Handicap Results - 21st August 2019

Handicap Results - 31st July 2019

Handicap Results - 17th July 2019

Handicap Results - 22nd May 2019