Health and safety policy

The committee has endorsed this policy in order to give clear guidelines to all club members and to ensure the safety of all runners at club sessions. The policy applies to all club training sessions but particular care needs to be taken during the winter training sessions based at Waterlooville. There were incidents last winter when club members put themselves at risk with other road users by the swimming pool.

  1. All runners train / run at their own risk.
  2. Through its affiliations with local and national bodies, the club’s insurance covers third party liability. That is to say that we provide cover for damage to other people / property caused by members at a club training session. This does not cover members for personal injury. Members may wish to take out personal insurance cover for this.
  3. The club, through its coaching team, has a duty of care for its members at club sessions. It is important, therefore, that runners follow the safety instructions of club coaches.
  4. Signs will be placed to inform other road users that a session is being held.
  5. All runners participating in training sessions must wear white and/or reflective tops.
  6. A limited number of reflective bibs will be available at sessions.
  7. The coaches would prefer runners not to use MP3 players when they are training. Not only could this be the cause of an accident and result in an injury to themselves, it could also put others at risk. Also, you will not be able to hear what the coach is saying!

September 2004 (updated January 2010)